Inclusion Recovery Cambridgeshire welcomes the opportunity to train colleagues and partners within the Health and Social Care field across Cambridgeshire.

We endeavour to do our best to meet the needs of any local company, agency or individual wanting to receive drug and alcohol training. If you would like bespoke training, please use our training request form to help us to understand how to put together the right content for you.

We do of course have a vast range of experience in offering the following:

General courses:

* Drugs and alcohol awareness

* Drugs, alcohol and mental wellbeing

* Drugs, alcohol and addiction

Substance specific courses:

* Alcohol – including the Identification and Brief Advice Training (IBA)

* Cannabis

* Cocaine, crack and other stimulants

* Heroin and other opiates

* Performance and image enhancing drugs

* Safer injecting and needle exchange

* Newer psychoactive drugs

Kindly use the training request form to identify your need for one of the above courses. Please ensure that you have read and understand the information on the form, and follow the instructions to submit the request to the County-wide Training Lead.

Training Request Form



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